Dads Honor Ride 2023

The Dad’s Honor Ride is a cycling campaign to raise awareness and resources for fatherhood charities, including the IFI. Our president Scot Marcotte and founder David Hirsch will tackle this year’s Race Across America, the world’s toughest bike race to raise funds for the IFI and 21st Century Dads.

Calling All School-Aged Illinoisans!



To participate, Illinois schoolkids write on the topic:

‘What My Father or an Important Father-Figure Means to Me’

The next contest starts in January 2023.


A look at 2022


Pre/K– Diego T Michel, Richard Edwards

1st Grade – Holland Tissiere, St. Mary’s

2nd Grade – Daniel Cote, Richard Edwards 

3rd Grade – Jennifer Sanchez, Rachel Carson 

4th Grade – Malaysia Ford, Richard Edwards

5th Grade – Elena Gallegos, Columbia Explorers

6th Grade – Zoe Pacheco, Rachel Carson

7th Grade – Melanie Machen, Rachel Edwards

8th Grade – Alejandra Madrigal, Rachel Carson 

9th Grade – Juhthaniel Lebron, De La Salle Institute

10th Grade – Justin Harrison, De La Salle Institute

11th Grade – Sofia Podszus, De La Salle Institute

12th Grade – Kirstan Richardson, De La Salle Institute


Juan Michel,  Father of the Year

Joe Tissiere, Father of the Year

Gerardo D Cote, Father of the Year

Francisco Sanchez, Father of the Year

Arturo Cortina, Stepfather of the Year

Emiliano Gallegos, Father of the Year             

Fermin Pacheco, Father of the Year

Gustavo Guardado, Stepfather of the Year

Manuel Madrigal, Father of the Year

Miguel Lebron, Father of the Year                       

Juan Dozier, Stepfather of the Year   

Matthew Podszus, Father of the Year          

Anthony Richardson, Father of the Year


Congratulations to all 2700 Essayists!!!



Our 300+ Volunteers read every single essay at least twice and have made selections.

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